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Midnight (Read Description) by NightmareDerpy Midnight (Read Description) by NightmareDerpy
A possible YCH coloring example featuring my OC's Therras and Mavarein(left to right)
The YCH itself is supposed to be a couples YCH, but in here my OC's are just friends playing around, as both awaken during the night. The YCH is the lineart and the background, I wanted a colored example so I went ahead and grabbed a couple of one of my favorite OC's to put in there.

  (The YCH slot may open eventually, for now I'm preparing things)

  Therras, my stallion, has four legs in the front, so it may seem kinda weird to look at. Mavarein, my mare Lunarpony bought by my sister from Vanycat, is in the moonlight, therefore her horns are glowing as it is the trait of the species. Almost forgot that bit. Did moon without reference for once.

  I may add a separate picture without Therras' tentacles as he makes them appear and reappear. Reasons he does have them(I thought I should put it here because I know people may think it's weird or he has them for...ehem...those r18 reasons. Which he doesn't btw, you can rest easy) is to disguise as a flower, wrapping himself up and from the base small flaps of skin emerge to appear as large leaves. The full result of the disguise makes him usually look like something between a rose and a tulip, but he can form into different shapes depending on the flower he is mimicking. And like a chameleon, he can change the color of his tentacles temporarily depending on where he is and what type of flower he copies. Take in mind, he lives in the Everfree where stuff like giant/poisonous flowers are commonly located, his tentacles are the only source of defense and camouflage from predators.

Art by: NightmareDerpy (Megan) - Me

Nightrocket Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, very pretty. The moon and moonlight look amazing.
NightmareDerpy Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! ^^
I think I like doing night backgrounds more than morning backgrounds.
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